Petra W. Barathova

born in Bratislava in 1980, is a Slovak photographer, videographer and former opera singer living in Germany.

After a long, successful career in various…

Stages in German-speaking countries, she decided to change her perspective and follow her true calling, people photography.

This passion started backstage of the theater, where she loved to capture backstage life, her colleagues and the special lighting atmosphere.

She has been working as a portrait and art photographer for 12 years now.

Her greatest source of inspiration are old masterpieces, which influence the composition and lighting of her photographs and the way they reveal and capture human emotions.


April, Vineria Vitani, Como IT, Dolce Vita
Juli, galerie luzia sassen, Selection, Groupshow
August, Rosbach Sieg town hall, Windecker Seele, Soloshow
September, galerie luzia sassen | kabelmetal – Debut, Soloshow

August, Artlokal, Windeck Schladern, Painterly

IPA 2023 : Honorable mention for “Yin & Yang”
Monoawards 2023: Honorable mention for “Yin & Yang”
IPA 2024: Honorable mention for “Lebenswerk”
PhotoMagazine: 4th place in the “Working Worlds” competition