born 1970 in Liege, Belgium

One day I was visiting an exhibition of paintings in London, I went out on the sidewalk drinking with friends … On the other side of the street, a wall was covered with posters overlay, tags, traces of rainwater and it was going on that wall a thousand times more things than I had seen in this gallery. It was a revelation to me. I realized that everything was there, an unstructured focused information, transformed, I knew now, my painting would be there! A painting that turns fiction into reality to make it more noticeable, a painting that treats each project as a new beginning. Contemporary Art  from a society in which social criticism is abandoned to the media, reality TV shows and video games. An art techniques from graffiti, painting and computer graphics.

After a Masters in fine and applied arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liege (Belgium), Philippe Knoops – Keone – pursuing studies in Graphic Design at the University of Liège. He has to his credit numerous exhibitions in Belgium, but also abroad as well as various collaborations… Paint, draw, photograph, scanner … Keone gradually developed over the years and experience, a working technique that aims to be a fusion of the two professional worlds, painting and graphic design. Sometimes he uses acrylic, or sometimes the Posca ink line drawing or spray paint or photography.
„Never be trapped by the system, not dogmatize his approach. The technique is at the service of the artist and not the otherwise!“