Kim Kluge

1968 Born in Hannover, Germany

2019 Foundation of the Art Economie Initiative in Cooperation with Frank H. Wilhelmi and Ralf Wiemann
Since 2019 Partnership Odem Investing Frank H. Wilhelmi
Since 2018 Partnership Atmospheric-Art GmbH, Ralf-Wiemann
2019-2020 BBK Bonn.Rhein-Sieg e.V.
Federal Association, Election as first chairperson
Since 2019 Membership Bonner Kunstverein, Art Association, Bonn Germany
Since 2006 Membership RAD, Munich Artists Association
1999 Diploma Fine Art, HBK Brunswik, Germany, Prof. Walter Dahn (Student of Joseph Beuys)
1999 Master Degree and Award Fine Art with Prof. Walter Dahn, HBK Brunswik, Germany
1993-1999 Study of Fine Arts, HBK Brunswik, Germany

2021 vanDorp, Bonn, Beethovenfest, with galerie luzia sassen
2021 “Homage to Joseph Beuys on the 100th birthday”, galerie luzia sassen, Kelterhaus zu Blankenberg
2020 Inauguration on the occasion of
Beethovenfest 2020 Frauenmuseum, Bonn
„Anima and Animus – Interplay of hardcore and harmony“
2019 Art Swiss Expo, Zürich
2017 „Perfect Life“ Die Kunststation, Bonn
2015 “Cloneflowers” Lohmart Hall, Lohmar
2011 »Yellow« Posttower, Bonn, FJK Förderverein für junge Kunst
2011 „Drawings” Bonnerkunstschule Gallery
2010 “Drawings” Bonnerkunstschule Gallery
2009 »Orientierungsräume« Remigiuskirche
2009 »Junge sterne« RKG (Mercedes) Bonn
2009 »Colours red« FJK Förderverein für junge Kunst Bad Honnef
2012 “Drawings” Bonnerkunstschule Gallery
2011 »Yellow« Group Exhibition Posttower Bonn, FJK Förderverein für junge Kunst
1997 Galerie VOXXX, Chemnitz, Exhibition with Walter Dahn
1996 »The easiest thing to grow in a garden is tired« Galerie Peters-Barenbrock, Brunswick
Exhibition with Walter Dahn
1995 »Extra«, Galerie Art und Arche Schloss Wendhausen, Brunswick,
Exhibition with B. Bouchon

2018 „Konkret Abstrakt“ Update Gallery, Presentation of the catalog to the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel

2016 “Comparé à” Brotfabrik Bonn, Sponsoring Wolf Schön
2015 “Comparé à” Brotfabrik Bonn, Sponsoring Wolf Schön
2015 “Comparé à” Rubenswerkstatt, Wuppertal
2012 “Movements”Bonnerkunstschule Gallery
Close cooperation with Wolf Schön, art curator, art historian and former journalist of WDR Cologne
2012 “Drawings” Bonnerkunstschule Gallery
2009 »Spätzünderneueröffnung« Marcela Thomys
2009 »Kunstliebe« Go 27
2009 »Movements« Apentia Munich
2008 »Movements« Siemens Cologne
2007/08 »Movements« BSI Bonn
2005 »Scotland yards« Cosi Restaurant Bonn, Purchase of the entire exhibition Collection Cosi
2005 »No one« La Linea Galerie VOLVO Köln, Sponsoring, Ingo Fischer, Artplace Gallery, The exhibition was arranged by the artist Michael Burges.
1994 »eye works«, Bielefeld, Eye Works Optik,
1994 »Novum« Novo Agency, Brunswik. Purchase of the entire exhibition Michael Sandschulte


1999 Award for special artistic achievement as a Master Student with Walter Dahn, Brunswik


Collection A. Rauen, Collection W.Schön, Collection R. Wiemann, Collection P.Thomy, Collection Volvo Köln, Collection Nord LB Hannover, Collection K.Hasemann, Collection Cosi, Collection Sandschulte.