Kim Kluge

1968 Born in Hannover, Germany

2020 Preparation for international Exhibitions
2019 Foundation of the Art and Economy Initiative in Cooperation
with Frank H. Wilhelmi and Ralf Wiemann
(Frank H. Wilhelmi, Founder of Odem Investing, Founder of Businessangels AG,
works since 1989 on a tree project with Walter Dahn and Johannes Stüttgen.
Ralf Wiemann, CEO of the Plato Academy GmbH and co-partner and advisory board
of Atmospheric-Art GmbH.)
Since 2019 Partnership with Frank H. Wilhelmi , Odem Investing
Since 2018 Partnership with Ralf Wiemann, Atmospheric-Art GmbH
2019 Panel discussion at Atmospheric-Art GmbH on the topic of „Human Art“
with Frank H.Wilhelmi, Kim Kluge, Ralf Wiemann
Since 2019 First chairperson at the BBK Bonn, Rhein-Sieg e.V.
Since 2019 Membership Bonner Kunstverein
Since 2006 Membership RAD München, Artists Association
1999 Diploma of Fine Arts with Prof. Walter Dahn (Student of Joseph Beuys),
Academy HBK Braunschweig
1999 Master Degree of Fine Arts with Prof. Walter Dahn, Academy HBK Braunschweig
1993-1999 Study of Fine Arts, Academy HBK Braunschweig
1992 High school graduation